Mezzanine Capital:
Intelligent Growth for Proven Businesses

Pursuing business funding is especially challenging for lower middle market companies, which are typically under served by traditional lenders. Mezzanine capital allows companies to exploit growth opportunities by extending a company’s total debt capacity beyond traditional bank lending limits. Tenth Street provides multiple financing options to suit the borrower’s specific needs; examples include subordinated debt (with or without warrants) and equity co-investments. We have experience working directly with companies, private equity sponsors and intermediaries.

Investment amounts range from $1-$5 million

Investment Criteria

Tenth Street partners with successful businesses in need of capital for acquisitions, recapitalization, or later-stage growth. We ask that companies we work with demonstrate:

  • Stable finances, with a history of tenable growth

  • Annual revenues of $10-$150 million

  • Proven management team

  • Capital structure suited to the company’s level of operating risk

  • Documented standing in the market

  • A diversified customer base

We encourage companies meeting these criteria to contact us to discuss their business finance options.