Below is a representative list of Tenth Street’s investments. 
In total, the Tenth Street team has invested in more than 100
middle market companies.

Aladdin Fund I, LP



Is a provider of in-home supported living services in Southeast Michigan to clients with physical or intellectual disabilities

Subordinated Debt and Equity, 2018 Active
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mid america metals

Nationally recognized provider of architectural restorations and related maintenance services for metal, stone, wood and glass surfaces for over 30 years.

Subordinated Debt, 2018 Active
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Health Services Management Group, LLC

We supported this Cleveland, Tennessee healthcare management company in acquiring Westmoreland Health and Rehab Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, with a tax-free bond issue.

Tax-free Subordinated Debt, 2017- Active



Located in Spring Hill, Tennessee, Timberland manufactures and sells kitchen and bath cabinetry throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean

Subordinated Debt, 2017- Active
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Gared Holdings, LLC

Gared, headquartered in Noblesville, IN, is a significant leader in the institutional gymnasium and field sports market in the US, Canada and numerous foreign Countries.

Subordinated Debt, 2016- Active
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Brown Logo.png

Brown Transfer, Inc.

Brown, located in Kearney, NE, is the largest full service less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation company between western Iowa and Denver. Brown is the only carrier fully covering this territory and has density across all major lanes.

Subordinated Debt and Equity, 2016-Active
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Vertical Partners
West, LLC

Vertical Partners, through its Venom brand is the market leader in aftermarket batteries and power accessories for radio controlled vehicles and aerial drones.

Subordinated Debt, 2016- Active
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SDR Trucking ESOP

SDR Trucking, located in Memphis, operates a fleet of more than 150 company and owner operated trucks. The company focuses on handling time sensitive loads such as air cargo, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Subordinated Debt, 2016 – Active
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Tenth Street Funds


Sunbelt Packaging

Sunbelt Packing is a niche distributor of packaging, strapping, and industrial thread supplies. Sunbelt is a customer-focused supplier and serves markets in SC, NC, GA, and VA.

Subordinated Debt, 2013 - Active
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Pro-Tech Industries

Pro-Tech Industries is a leading manufacturer of quality truck accessories including cab racks/droms, toolboxes, fenders among others, with distributors in all 50 states.

Subordinated Debt & Equity, 2013 - Active
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Southern Filter Media

Southern Filter Media is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality wet and dry filtration products. Southern Filter supplies filtration products for application in a broad swath of industries, and is based out of Chattanooga, TN.

Subordinated Debt, 2013 - Active
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GameMark Products

GameMark is a producer of bingo markers, envelope sealers, hobby & craft paints, school glue, and other liquid dispensing products for school and hobby & craft markets; customers included distributors, mass merchants, and national office product chains.

Subordinated Debt & Equity, 2013 - Active
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Located in Indianapolis, IN, Motionwear designs, manufactures and sells apparel for dance, gymnastics and cheerleading. The company’s unique products are distributed through over 1,000 specialty retailers. The Motionwear brand is established as one of the largest and most respected brands in dance apparel.

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Business and Legal Resources

Business and Legal Resources helps U.S. businesses simplify compliance with state and federal legal requirements through information products including training programs, events, web portals, reports and subscription services. Through its in-house editors and an exclusive attorney network, its offerings are available in all 50 states. BLR is based in Brentwood, TN.

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GoGoTech owns and operates a number of e-retailing sites, including its flagship domain, which offers a number of brand-specific outlets.

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Krystal is a quick service restaurant chain founded in Chattanooga in 1932. From that single location, Krystal has expanded to over 350 locations in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee, earning a loyal fan base in the process.

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Managed Packaging Systems

Managed Packaging Systems (MPS) is a packaging equipment solutions provider. MPS specializes in distributing materials and equipment, packing machinery, and packing materials management.

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DeWayne’s Quality Metal Coating

DeWayne’s has built its reputation by delivering quality parts, on time, every time. Dewayne’s is a continuous flow manufacturer that provides a variety of metal finishing services to customers in a broad swath of industries.

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Magnum Systems

Magnum Systems is a renowned designer and manufacturer of pneumatic conveying and packaging systems and components. Magnum Systems also has a division leader that designs and manufactures bagging, weighing, and packaging equipment.

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Fast Pace Urgent Care

Fast Pace Medical is an urgent care provider headquartered in Nashville and Waynesboro, TN. Fast Pace Medical services numerous communities throughout middle Tennessee, focusing on quality care and excellent service.

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Sirona Infusion

Founded in 2006, Sirona is based in Chandler, AZ and provides home infusion therapy services for chronic and acute patients. Sirona understands the importance of trust, and offers high-quality service with a focus on the Phoenix metro area.

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Georgia Flattop

Georgia Flattop is a landfill management company.  In addition to day-to-day operations, it also manages resource planning and site development.

Subordinated Debt, 2012- Active


ClearPath Diagnostics

Founded in 2002, ClearPath provides anatomic pathology and cytology laboratory services to physicians in the central New York and surrounding areas.

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Pro Care EMS

Pro Care Emergency Medical Service is an Atlanta-based provider of private, non-emergency ambulance services. Pro Care is the leading ambulance provider in Gwinnett County and serves over 20,000 patients per year.

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Lawn Dawg

From a single pickup truck in 1997, Lawn Dawg has grown to serve residential and commercial customers in five states with environmentally friendly and sustainable lawn care. Services include fertilizer treatments, pest control and soil testing.

Subordinated Debt, 2009- Excited
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Automated Business Machines

Automated Business Machines, LLC, supplies financial institutions, schools, government organizations, and more with the cash, check, and document handling equipment they need to conduct business, operating primarily in Michigan and Ohio.

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LAMM Food Services

In business since 1972, Lamm Food Service, LLC has been a food and food service provider serving retailers, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and prisons throughout Louisiana.

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TransCard is an award-winning supplier of prepaid card technology, managing billions of dollars in transactions and payroll. TransCard is a direct MasterCard processor and offers co-branded cards for businesses and financial institutions.

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Banana Communications

Banana Communications owns and operates its own regional cellular network, providing prepaid phone services to customers in the Southeast. The service is geared toward those on a fixed budget, with no need for roaming.

Subordinated Debt, 2009- Exited


Walnut Street Financial

Walnut Street Financial purchases pools of debt from failed financial institutions via the FDIC loan sales process.

Preferred Stock, 2009- Excited


Green Mountain Management, LLC

Green Mountain Management, LLC is in the solid waste disposal business. The company owns one of the largest independent landfills in the Birmingham, AL market.

Subordinated Debt, 2009- Exited


European Soaps

European Soaps is the exclusive distributor of their Pré de Provence line of artisan-crafted bath and beauty supplies manufactured using the best in natural ingredients found in France.

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Calling All Ships

Calling All Ships warehouses and distributes snacks, beverages, and personal care items for sale aboard cruise ships and in hotel chains. The company works directly with major manufacturers and has over 20 years of success behind it.

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Pioneer Supply

Pioneer Supply is a distributor of pipes, valves, fittings, and other flow controls. Pioneer Supply primarily distributes to municipalities and water districts in Oklahoma.

Subordinated Debt, 2008- Exited


Thomas Pipe & Supply

Thomas Pipe & Supply is a wholesale distributor of industrial pipe, valves, and fittings based out of Phoenix, AZ. Thomas Pipe has a complete pipe shop and is able to custom cut and groove pipe up to 18” and thread pipe up to 6”.

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Van Pool Transportation

Since 1986, Van Pool has provided bus transportation for special needs students in Massachusetts. The company now has four locations and transports over 3,000 students every day across more than 60 school districts, cities, and towns.

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Advantage Nursing Services

Advantage Nursing Services, LLC is a nurse staffing company that has offices throughout Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. Since 1984, it has helped thousands of registered nurses and licensed nurses find ideal positions that fit their lifestyles.

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Orange County Environmental

Orange County Environmental is among the largest disposal companies in the greater Orlando market, and also offers a large number of recycling options to its service area.

Subordinated Debt, 2008- Exited


Source Broadband

Source Broadband Services, LLC offers construction, network engineering, and technical services to network administrators and operators. The company works with many of the nation’s largest communication companies and ISPs.

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Victory Services

Victory provides the important service of water hauling and roustabout staffing to several well-known energy development companies. Victory Services maintains a strong commitment to environmental integrity and compliance.

Subordinated Debt, 2007- Active


Myco Trailers

Myco Trailers is a leading provider of custom, high-end boat trailers marketed to the high performance boating industry, and to various governments for military use and applications. The company distributes to an international client base.

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Bolts & Nuts

Bolts & Nuts provides an extensive line of commercial and construction fasteners, focusing on the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) market. Founded in Chattanooga in 1979, it has grown to be the region’s leading fastener distributor.

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Ayres Superior Pipeline

Ayres has a long history of providing post-drilling maintenance and emergency services to gas producers in the Barnett Shale region of Texas, performing maintenance with a focus on clients’ time-critical requirements.

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Brantley Trucking

Brantley Trucking, Inc. is an oil and natural gas company based in Monahans, TX. Brantley Trucking provides production support materials and equipment for its oil and gas drilling and exploration customers.

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Al-Jon, Inc. is a leading provider of landfill and recycling equipment around the world. Al-Jon designs, manufactures, and services compactors for the solid waste industry along with balers, car crushers, and loaders for the scrap metal industry.

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Cygnus Manufacturing Company

Cygnus Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of non-invasive medical device components and assemblies, safety product components, and transportation components. The company was founded in 1962 and has successfully positioned itself internationally in rapidly growing markets.

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Douglas Machines

Douglas Machines is a leading designer and manufacturer of washing and sanitizing systems, principally for bakery, food processing, food service, and distribution industries.

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Prometheus is a manufacturer and distributor of butyl-based adhesive products. Prometheus’s products typically come in the form of tape or caulk, but also may be used in the production of other chemical products.

Subordinated Debt, 2006- Exited


Southern Filter Media

Southern Filter Media is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality wet and dry filtration products. Southern Filter supplies filtration products for application in a broad swath of industries, and is based out of Chattanooga, TN.

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EarthScapes specializes in green building and construction, combining organic materials and technology in terra seeding, greenscaping, storm water management, erosion control, riverbank reclamation, and other environmental services.

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Team One Transport

Team One Transport provides climate-controlled trucking services for clients in a number of different industries. Team One primarily uses driver teams to move freight along narrow east-west lanes between the Midwest and CA.

Subordinated Debt, 2005- Exited


CWI White Oak

Among its business interests, Consolidated Waste Industries has a solid waste transportation operation and landfill in Monroe, LA. CWI serves both the municipal and commercial demolition markets.

Subordinated Debt, 2005- Exited